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Your personal items are exposed!

You touch your face an average of 23 times an hour. An average user spends 2h40 on his phone a day which also translates to 2,600 average daily touches. See FAQ for more info.

Even if you wash your hands regularly, your personal items can act as a germ store recontaminating your hands as soon as they enter in contact. Hence, washing your hands but not your phone, keys or jewellery can be very inefficient.

The Pure Case is powered by germicide UV-C lamps that can sterilize any item left within its casing for a couple of minutes and effectively kill 99.9% of all the germs it harbors.

NB: Ultra Violets have been recently proven to be effective against the coronavirus (see Science Daily article)

Everything starts with the Sun

The sun constantly emits three types of UVs: UV-A: They can successfully go through the Earth's atmospheric layers and have a wavelength of 315 nanometers to 400 nanometers. Called soft UVs, they are mostly harmless as they do not carry enough energy to damage cells or germs.

UV-B: Thankfully 90% of these are absorbed by the Ozone layer, they have a medium wavelength of 280 nanometers to 315 nanometers, and can be very harmful to human cells. They are the culprits damaging your skin and can lead to sunburns, tans or skin cancer.

UV-C: They are completely absorbed by the ozone layer, have a short wavelenght of 100 - 280 nanometers, carry a lot of energy and are called Germicidal UVs.

It's all about energy

Gamma rays, ultra violets, visible light, all the way to radio waves are all types of electromagnetic radiations, photons with different energy levels.

These different types of lights or electromagnetic waves are defined by their wavelength, which is the distance over which they repeat their oscillating shape. The shorter the distance, the more light vibrates, the more it carries energy and the more harmful it can be to living organisms.

UV-Cs damage the DNA of germs

UV-Cs are effective against germs because their wavelength and energy level allow them to enter and irreversibly damage the code that allows micro-organisms to function, their DNA or RNA.

This prevents germs from making copies of themselves and quickly kills them. The Pure Case uniformly generates UV-Cs inside its inner chamber and destroys 99.9% of all germs (including viruses and bacteria) in minutes.

Support the Medical Staff

For months now, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and first responders around the world have been on battle footing, working long hours with limited supplies to treat those stricken with Covid-19. At The Pure Case, we want to pay a tribute to them and aim at spreading new sanitary habits and reflexes to help them in their fight.

If you work in hospitals or rest homes, write us an email at medicalstaff@thepurecase.com with a proof of medical status. We will give you a 30% discount!

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