The Pure Case

Your phone and wearables are constantly exposed, touched and stained

They are on average 10x dirtier than a public toilet seat and are the ideal petri dish for germs, bacteria and viruses

The Pure Case's powerful sterilization technology clears all that for you

Advanced & dynamic

Built to last, The Pure Case's lamps have a lifespan of thousands of hours just like its wireless charging unit integrated within its lid. The 2 x 0.9W UV lamps located at each end of the case allow for the homogeneous exposure of all items' surfaces to the germicide UV rays.

Get yours for only $132.00 instead of $168.00!

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Many different Use Cases

The Pure Case is an agnostic platform that will safely sterilise any item that you place inside it in minutes! Don't worry, the UV light will never damage your phone or any other non-organic items.

It cleans your phone, wallet, keys, jewellery and much more, indiscriminately!

Packed with amazing features

We touch our phones over 2,000 times a day (along with a lot of other things), and germs get around. With The Pure Case, we are making it our priority to protect not only your devices but yourself

Powerful UV-C sterilisation

QI compatible / 10 W wireless charger

Multi use

Portable and compact

USB-C input

Safety first

Portable and powerful

Length 9.63 L inches
Width 5.38 W inches
Height 2.00 H inches
Length 7.13 L inches
Width 4.38 W inches
Height 0.72 H inches
Line 100-240V AC
Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Plug Type A
In the Box

The Pure Case
USC-C Power Adapter

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Protect your loved ones

We all strive for a long and healthy life. Today, we are also all well aware that germ exposure is a great risk factor towards illness, with crises such as that of COVID-19 reminding us of the deadly pathogens lurking in nature.

The Pure Case was envisioned, designed and built to harness modern technology in order to protect you from these germs and their impact on the human body. It was aimed at protecting you and your loved ones.

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Make a saving, help a loved one

When you buy 2 or more Pure Cases, we reduce the price up to 15% so you can help your friends and family stay safe and save yourself a little cash too!

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We want to be able to provide you with updates and alerts on products and prices, this way, you’ll be able to get the best deal and keep yourself safer for less!