Technical Questions

How dirty is my phone

"You will probably not believe this but it's been proven that your phone is 10x dirtier than a public restroom seat!" (See Time Magazine article


Let's put a couple stats in perspective. The CDC recommends that you wash your hands at least 10 times a day. At the same time you touch your face around 23 times an hour (See PubMed Study)


Now, let's look at the number of interactions with your phone. An average user has more than 2600 daily touches with his phone and a power user (who spends more than 3.5 hours a day on his phone) around 5400 touches a day (See the study)

How does The Pure Case work

The Pure Case generates UV-C rays uniformly inside its chamber thanks to 2 UV-C lamps and destroys 99.9% of all germs including viruses and bacteria. UV-Cs are indeed very harmful to viruses and bacteria.


Their high energy and the fact that our UV-C rays have a wavelength of 253,7 nanometers allows them to enter these microorganisms and damage irreversibly the code that constitute them, their DNA or RNA. This prevents germs from making copies of themselves and quickly kills them, resulting in your phone being completly purified!

When I sterilize my phone should I keep my phone case on

We recommend that to keep your case on as it is even more exposed to germs that the phone inside it. 

How does the wireless charging system work

It is as simple as it seems, just put your phone on the lid's little thunderbolt and you are done, you will hear a ""BIP"" sound that indicates that the charge is on. 


Only QI-compatible phones will charge on The Pure Case. Android phone can charge up to 10W whereas Iphones are currently resticted to 7.5W. "

How long does it take to sanitize my phone 

Full sanitization time is 8 minutes, in this case The Pure Case will kill 99,9% of germs! 


A rapid 2 mins exposure is already enough to kill most germs but we advocate a full sanitization of 8 minutes.

What can I clean in my Pure Case

You can virtually sanitize any item that fits in The Pure Case such as earphones, glasses, wallets, keys, credit cards, face masks and many more. Avoid any perishables and food like fruits or candies. 

Will my phone fit in The Pure Case

The Pure Case was designed to host the most popular devices. The internal size of the case is: 7.13*4.38*0.72 inches, that is big enough to host an Iphone 11 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + with ease.

Does it clean both sides of my phone

Yes, The Pure Case cleans all sides of your phone so that there is no need to flip it over for another cycle as the case was designed to maximise the ray expose


Is The Pure Case safe for my phone

The Pure Case is totally harmless for you! UV-C are completely safe for anything you place inside - except germs. Only prolonged continuous exposure (many days at least) could generate small discolorations on some plastics but this cannot happen thanks to the pre-programmed sanitization time we engineered (i.e. 8 minutes). 


You can be a 100% confident in The Pure Case, your phone and any other objects are safe in it!

Is The Pure Case effective against Covid-19

While testing on Covid-19 is not yet available to commercial labs, preventing us for the moment to claim that The Pure Case kills Covid-19, previous tests resulted in showing that UV-C rays eliminate enveloped virus such as coronaviruses

Shipping & Return

Return policy

After having received your Pure Case, we offer 30 days to return your item and get a full refund, you will have to cover the postage. Reach out to us on

What are the shipping costs

We perform FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING unless specified otherwise

When will I get my Pure Case

It will usually take 4-10 business days for all orders to arrive. Shipping times may of course vary based on your shipping location. 


Yet, due to a recent increase in demand we are currently out of stock. Next batch is on the way. Make sure to book your slot before they sell out again. Next batch to shipping early June! 

Will I have to pay customs

We will choose the best shipment method so that you do not need to pay the customs fee. For most countries you will not have to pay the customs fee, but it depends where are you located and if you order more than 1 piece. Please contact your local customs office for import fee. 

How can I pay

Thanks to our partner Stripe, we accept all major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex and we also accept Paypal.

What if the product arrives damaged

Please reach out to us on and within 30 days we will send you a free replacement.

Other questions

Still have a question

Reach out to us on we will be more than happy to answer any other unresolved question.

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